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99 Shopper stores are profitable range of convenience stores in the UK, which brings a discount offer with enhanced consumer experience.

Our experience with technology allows us to bring a complete turnkey solution as well as provide all support needed to ensure all our franchisees are successful. We are supported by UK’s largest distributors for optimized range, market-leading service levels and competitive pricing, allowing us to provide guaranteed margins to all our retailers. We also provide complete branded convenience offer and deep cut promotional activities throughout the year.

We aim to provide a minimum margin of 20%+ on all products, margins on tobacco and alcohol may differ. Our retailers can be assured that they will be given support to build and run a successful business, with attractive offers, ongoing merchandising support and state of the art technology, and diversified service offerings. Join us today and differentiate from the rest.

Best Wishes,
Suleman Sacranie
Chief Executive Officer

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